Friday, August 19, 2005


A Letter To...

Dear Brandon,

Why you gotta be so damn cute? It is almost rude of you to be that cute. Your cuteness is making it nearly impossible for me to date, after all, no one is as cute as you.

By the way, I'm sorry I have slacked off on getting tickets to your show at Jones Beach, I promise if some free VIP ones don't come through I will break down and buy them. But to be honest, I am afraid I will embarrass myself at the show, what if I cry like a little girl? What if you call another girl up on stage and I have a jealousy induced meltdown? What will I do?

Regardless, keep up the good work. As you know, I feel that The Killers are solely responsible for making Glam cool again. And for that I love you even more.

Vegas baby! Vegas!

All the Best,

The Killers are great. They only played one song at Live 8!
The Killers are totally number 1 for bringing back glam... love them.

I guess we'll have to fight over him. ;p
GO GO GO see them in Concert! I have and it is a religious experience!
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