Tuesday, August 09, 2005


"Is Mr. Reincarnation Enjoying His Cake?"

I rented Birth. Nicole Kidman is stalked by a 10yr old boy who is allegedly the reincarnated soul of her dead husband. I was expecting to hate this film but actually I sort of liked it. Niki Kid does really well in these ice princess roles (I'm sure she had lots of practice working on the 'I feel faint yet I have the urge to kill you' stare when she was married to Cruisazy). There is a scene when she is at the Opera and the camera sits stationary on her as she slowly has a melt down. You could feel her channeling the 'no I wont join your cult!' moment.

# of times I pondered how the hair department got her locks into that awful wig: 8
# of minutes it took me to get used to the awful wig: 26minutes
Lauren Bacall as Nicole's on screen mom: A+ (what a match!)
Approx. Cost of the NYC duplex featured in the film : $8.9Million
Probability that Cameron Bright (the boy) will be the new Haley Joel Osmett: 14.3%

Fun fact: Cameron Bright is in production on another film, who is his next leading lady? Katie Holmes.

That movie was creepy because the whole plot was so confusing. The ending really annoyed my gf, too.

I'm glad I didn't watch much of it, to be honest.

And YES her wig was awful, to the point of illegal.
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