Wednesday, August 17, 2005


In the Yard With the Hunnies, Crushin Grapes

Yesturday's vacation stop was Long Island's "Wine Country" or 'Napa East" as the local folk call it (nah, I'm kidding they dont really call it that). I visited several vineyards, did some wine tasting, and took a winery tour. I kept expecting to run into Kate Capshaw for some reason, but no such luck (she must have been shopping in the Hamptons with Spielberg).

Anyway, here are some useless facts about wine, grapes, and what not:

1. That white film on grapes is the grape's natural sunblock
2. The corks in wine bottles are from a specific tree called the Cork Oak
3. The oak barrels used to age wine are made in France and cost $800 each
4. Always start your wine tasting with white wine and end with port
5. People get very drunk at wine tastings

Scariest drunk of the day:
An older lady at the wine tasting turned to me and said, "Would you be shocked if I kissed you on the lips?"- that was my cue to put down the cabernet and exit the building.

Port is nasty. It's way too sweet.
Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I'd be interested if you liked any of the wines you tasted. I've never had much luck with NY wines.

Oh and you can see the Live 8 performances on the links on my blog including Robbie Williams!
NY wines are not my favorite, but driving to france seemed a litte bit out of the way. I'm into Bourdeaux these days.

Going to your blog now to watch Robbie!
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