Friday, August 05, 2005


"If You Were Any Thinner, You Wouldn't Exist"

I watched Insomnia, oops, I mean the Machinist on DVD. Christian Bale plays Trevor, a machine operator who has not slept in a year. His insomnia is killing him as he grows more and more insane.

This is a tough one. Call me shallow, but I like the flesh on Christian Bale, not just the bones. Apparently the 6'2" Bale starved himself down to 110 pounds at the time of filming. While I appreciate that dedication I could have just picked up an issue of this weeks US Weekly to be reminded of eating disorders in Hollywood.

running time: 102minutes
# of minutes it took me to get over how skinny Bale was: 120 minutes
# of calories consumed during the screening: 0 (does ice count?)
# of times I had to cover my eyes: 4

I can do lots of things! ;)
My Machinist review
Bale achieved his ghastly appearance by consuming only a can of tuna and an apple each day. He wanted to lose more weight, but the producers of the film were afraid it might have a negative impact on his health.

Personally, I loved the film. Here's my review.

By the way, I love your format, with the "# of..." things. Good stuff. Makes me laugh every time.
The Machinist was awesome. I've seen enough films LIKE this(Fight Club, Insomnia, Identity, Lost Highway) to know where it was going, but I loved getting there all the same. It's especially good on a second viewing, when you pick up all the clues and foreshadowing, the key lines and locations that are visited and revisited.

And yes, there was a lot that was hard to look at in the picture.
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