Friday, August 12, 2005


I Am Doll Parts

Everyone is gossiping about Courtney Love's freaked out meltdown at Comedy Central's roast for Pamela Anderson. I've read some of the gossip and most of it is down right nasty. I'm sorry but I am sticking up for Courtney on this one. People trash her when she is a nutty junky and then they trash her when she is calm and fat. What's a girl to do?

The truth is people want her to be crazy and we need her to go nuts because we love her over the top melodramatic epic antics. The crazier Courtney is, the more sane we feel. And you know what? That's a lot of responsibility we are asking of someone who is as fragile as Courtney.

Deep down inside, there is a little bit of Courtney in all of us. Admit it.

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I love Courtney. She is one of the more interesting/complex celebrities out there. I'd have her back in a fight against the press or most any other celebrity junkie. I'd much rather be on Team Love than Team Aniston or Team Jolie.
Right on the money - Courtney is in all of us, and she rocks.

I'm sick and tired of how most celebrities tip-toe around things, backpeddle when they blurt out things, can't they just be blunt and honest and normal?!

Team Love!
one thing to keep in mind, though:
her AA sponsor is Tommy Lee.

swear to god.
I wonder what Frances Bean thinks when she sees these pictures of Mommy. No, really.
I adore her nutty self but good gawd what I wouldnt do to have the woman stop acting like a freak once in a while....?? kwim?? It rarely serves her well.
popmuse-- i'm trying-- Lord knows I'm trying!
When Courtney let a Black Hobo suck on her unmentionabilities outside of a Wendy's a few years back part of me died inside...In a good way.
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