Friday, August 05, 2005


The Bravery

Super into The Bravery these days. They are a bit like the Killers, maybe a little harder. They have been nominated for an MTV2 Award at this years VMAs and I hope they win.

More importantly I love when a new band is just big enough to get nominated for an award and yet small enough to still have their press rep, agent and booking contacts on their website. Maybe I will have a BBQ and book them.

check it out:

Xtine you are a Killer Traitor:
Xtine you are a Killer Traitor:
No I am not!!! I know both the Killer and the Bravery are at war (which is very interesting because they are on the same label). But once the Bravery gets a little more famous they will take back all the bad things they said about the killers (and duran)--they are just going for some scandal right now.

I see a Glam-a-palooza in the future. Duran Duran opens, followed by the Bravery with the Killers as the headliners. And thats a $40 t-shirt I'll buy.
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