Wednesday, July 13, 2005


When the Geeks Inherit The Earth...

Xtine is off to Comic Con in San Diego!

This will be my first comic book convention (yes, I said it, I know you can't believe it, but it is true). Pop Muse, Dougie Darko and Me are off on a NEWS assignment to San Diego to hang with comic book geeks from around the world. We are hoping to report and uncover the true joys of geekdom- from the Masquerade Ball (people dress up as their favorite comic book characters and compete for prizes) to the celebrity panels, to the behind the scenes moments of film fanatics. Can we turn Geek into Chic? I Don't think so, but we can certainly try!

I will admit though, I am afraid, very afraid. Will report back as soon as I return.

FYI - Jen Scheerer & her man will be there!! Hope the weather is nice, at least...
linda K-
I ran into them!
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