Saturday, July 09, 2005


That Sugarcane Tasted Good

Since my last post (and with the help of Pop Muse and Alanis aka 'my aloe vera') I've purged the Punk and decided to return to a simpler time. Below is an excerpt of an interview I did several years ago.

Xtine: What’s the best part of being in REM?

Michael Stipe: The best award that I ever received, and it happens on a daily basis, is someone walks up to me on a sidewalk and says ‘this song meant this to me in this time of my life.’ That to me is an award so heavy that I cant carry it off the stage.

Xtine: What keeps the fans listening?

Stipe: I don’t know why people like us, but I know why I like us. I know the music that I try to make. It tries to jump over the bar of music that I find to be the most inspirational. That includes my top ten. Artists that I followed, Radiohead, U2, Patty Smith, PJ Harvey, Courtney Love, Bjork, those are the people that I watch and in my sweetly competitive way I want to do something just as good.

Xtine: So you have this band, you are this big rock star and

… (Interrupts)

Stipe: I'm a pop star. I've decided in 2003 that I am a pop star. The one time that I met and spoke with Andy Warhol he asked me what I did and I said ‘I'm a singer in a band.’ I was 26, I was terrified and scared, he was my hero. ‘I’m a singer in a band,’ I mumbled. And he said ‘Oh, you're a pop star.’ And I said ‘No, I’m a singer in a band.’ But I think Mr. Warhol was correct.

Yeah, I know is REM still relevant? They are to me.

... no matter what Stipey paints on his face, he will always be relevant and a massively important figure in Rock Music. Period.
that song did indeed mean that to me at that time in my life.
that's what truly endures.
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