Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Robbie and Mariah???

Robbie Williams proved the biggest draw for television viewers during the Live 8 extravaganza on Saturday, his audience peaking at 9.6 million...but did we see this in America? Nope.

However, the excitement was not just happening on stage. It seems Mariah Carey invited Robbie Williams on a dinner date after he impressed her with his show-stopping Live 8 performance.

Ms. Carey was blown away by the hunky star's charismatic set (who wouldn't be??), which included his hit songs Angels, Let Me Entertain You and Feel, and she is said to be keen to work with him (among other things I am sure).

So shortly after the show, Mariah - who sang Make It Happen, Hero and We Belong Together at the show in London's Hyde Park - reportedly sent him a message, suggesting they get together (at her hotel).

delicious gossip! I don't think they'd make the cutest couple in real life, but in tabloid life it would be amazing, give MC street Cred in Europe and give RW fame in the US. "Benny, can you hear me?"
Popmuse--you are so right. This could be exactly what Robbie needs to break the in the US. And I dont mind so much how they would look as a couple, if TomKat can do it so can Robiah!
Biggest draw for TV, perhaps, but I think Pink Floyd reunited may have had a much bigger draw. They haven't played together since 1981.
What is with creepy unbelivable celeb couples.. Tom and Katie, Renee and Kenny, Zeta and Douglas, JLo and Antony, etc.. Robbie is hot but his sexuality will ever be in question and Mariah is a big ol' mess.. I love them both but they have no chemistry. Are publisicsts the new matchmakers? Are arranged marriages back en vouge?
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