Thursday, July 21, 2005


A Question Of Time

At first I thought it was a coincidence, passing the famed location somewhere along the 405 freeway in So.Cal. where the 1985 Depeche Mode video People Are People was shot. A day later I did an audio double take in a taxi cab outside The Con as a local station was playing a DM marathon. But after tonight I finally allowed myself to see. I was shopping in J.Crew (great sale this week) and what was playing? You guessed it. Depeche Mode. Three DMs in one week can only mean one thing...they are back!

As I write in this blog billions of people across the planet are eagerly awaiting the release of the new Depeche Mode album, "Playing the Angel." It has been described as a "dark, thunderously rocking album, which lyrically digs into the infinite abysms of human existence with a musical range from industrial to contemporary electronic avant-garde."

Ok, so maybe its not 'billions' of people. But DM is following me and that is a soundtrack to my life I will not ignore! I better go dust off my combat boots and purchase a vat of black nail polish before its too late.

I had the same experience with the Beatles the other day, very weird. Waiting for the bus and some guy driving (not a cabbie) was blasting Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds. Rock on. Then at lunch I walked into a store and The Long and Winding Road was playing.

I was anxiously awaiting to hear song 3 on my walk home from work, i was sure the chorus of Hey Jude would come up from somewhere with the way the day was going. But i was saved and i heard no such lyrics. I say saved because i surely do believe that hearing 3 songs by the same band in the same day is a bad omen. Especially when it's the Beatles. Freaky.

I came home and immediately burned all my beatles albums onto my computer and into the ipod. Just for good kharma.

So breaking out the combat boots and black nail polish was a positive gesture on your part ; )

depeche never go away really although ever since alan wilder left the band a decade ago their albums have been kind of spotty. from '81 to '93 though--electronic music kings!
Forget the combat boots and black nail polish - this calls for a boy to make out with, PDQ.
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