Sunday, July 31, 2005


My Head is Stuck on Something Precious

Tonight I'm going to see Duran Duran at Jones Beach. I think I'll wear my Jordache acid wash jeans, my pink Reebok sneakers and slouch socks, long neon t-shirt with safety pins and zippers, and do my hair in a side pony tail. Dont worry I wont forget the blue eye shadow, glitter and draw on mole. While I am getting ready, read this from the Evening Standard:

Listening to an iPod could leave you with psychological problems, an expert warns. Exposure to music is causing more cases of musical hallucination, where a song "plays" constantly in the head. "People find they can't sleep and can't think properly," said Dr Victor Aziz, a psychiatrist at Whitchurch hospital in Cardiff. Dr Aziz, said: "Having a song in your head every now and then is quite normal but musical hallucinations can be quite distressing." Research suggests sound hallucinations occur when people move from a stimulus rich environment to one with few auditory stimuli - for instance, from using an iPod on the Tube to entering a quiet office. With no sound via the ears, the brain generates random impulses it interprets to be sound. It then matches these to memories of music and a song begins in the head.

No-no-Notorious. Notorious. Ah. No-no-Notorious.

i knew there was a reason i'm anti-i pod.

i'm particularly fond of duran's first two albums. that is some great, straight up early '80s new romantic pop music. in fact, reading this has inspired me to put my copy of "rio" on right at this moment. it's hard to top "the chauffeur"...
As your sister, I can say that I really don't think you ever had pink reebok sneakers, am i wrong? I feel like I would have remembered those considering we shared a closet and a room (oh the horror). I feel like I would have had a memory of those and most likely would have wanted to try them on. Maybe you did. I don't remember the side pony tail either. Didn't you have short hair in the 80's?

On another note, and this goes back to one of your earlier blogs but fits in well here, Billy Joel songs have been stalking me for a week. Today I walked into one store that was playing "Just The Way You Are", left that store and entered another one and it was still playing! I've gone from Beatles to Billy Joel, are we working alphabetically here? Maybe Cat Stevens will be next.
laura--wrong on all! I did have pink reeboks (or maybe they were blue?--reeboks of some sort I am sure- 6th grade- '86) and are you CRAZY I had out of control long hair in the 80s fried dyed and frayed...I cut the hair short and dyed it fire red when I became goth, ditched the reeboks and went to doc marteens--all that started in 88.
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