Friday, July 29, 2005


A Letter To...

Dear Keanu,

Why did you have to go and make that crap film Constantine? I rented it tonight on DVD and I have to be honest, it was terrible. You know how much I care about you and you know how much I enjoy seeing you on screen, but what the hell were you thinking!

First of all, there have been 4000 movies where the Angels are fighting with the Demons, did you see The Prophecy for goodness sake? Second, aren't you tired of saving mankind? I mean didn't the Matrix get that out of your system? Third, why did you have to star with that b*tch Rachel Weisz, you know I dont like her (and I am sure she has told you how much she hates me, please dont believe her until you hear my side of that story-she was out of line that day I mean it)!

I know you must have read the graphic novel "Hellblazer" (bet you didn't know I knew that, but I went to Comic Con this year and so I now know lots of things buddy) and thought movie franchise or something. Or maybe you were just bored and all and needed to make a movie and that's ok. I know, you are allowed a bad movie now and again. But please dont make a habit of it or I will be forced to remove you from my top ten, and once you are out, it takes a lot of hard work to get back in.

Fondly Yours,

What's wrong with Rachel Weisz? I think she's beautiful, and she's got potential as an actress. And if there's really a story, I'd love to hear it...
I interviewed her several years ago, we came to a disagreement about a film and a pissing match ensued. I'll have to get the tape transcribed because I dont remember the exact words. In a separate incident RachW was overheard dissing journalists in the elevator of the 4 Seasons hotel. She just finished a press junket and said something like 'f'ing journalists, why dont they get real jobs.' I take offense to that because journalists need celebs as much as celeb need journalists. Its the journalists that make some of these people famous. I'm not saying we all like this game, its just how it works and until RachW steps on other side of the velvet rope I dont think she is qualified to judge what a real job is or is not. Of course she has a right to her opinion, but an elevator full of journalists at the 4 seasons hotel is perhaps not the best place to express it.

With that said, you have a right to your opinion. If you like Rachel, right on.
That story certainly lowers my opinion of her. I like her as an actress, but I don't know her as a person.

She think journalists need "real jobs?" How about actors... Yeah, they have a rough life. Must be tough... Sheesh.
she always struck me as kind of "high maintenance" but thought she's a pretty good actress. nice eyebrows. it's always ridiculous when actors (other famous people) trash journalists as you are right--it's a symbiotic relationship in many ways.
Keanu really let me down on this one as well. I was quite excited to watch him in all of his trying-to-be-smoldering hotness (not to mention excited to see my favorite actress, Tilda Swinton). My sister and I ended up laughing by the end - one of the silliest endings in the history of cinema. He gave the Devil the bird! Come on.
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