Tuesday, July 19, 2005


If You Ever Plan To Motor West

If you grew up in the northeast you are exposed to many different cautions and warnings. This is not one of them.

While on my road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego we passed this sign. It is called the "road runners" sign. It alerts drivers to be careful, you never know when a running illegal migrant may be dragging his wife and child across the highway in search of a better life in Southern California, take caution.

After we passed the sign I found myself clenching the dashboard as I kept a vigilant watch. It reminded me of the time my mom and I drove to Pennsylvania, I swore I saw a deer cross the road but she claimed it was just my imagination.

I didn't see any illegals running, nor did I see US Boarder Patrol, but boy that would have been fun.

Someone should paint over CAUTION and write TARGET
Now this is FUNNY. Mind if I link?
spinning girl-- link away!
That is the funniest damn sign I have ever seen, in my entire life.

And that's saying something!
oh my god you are just amazing..I was gonna write an entry about that sign too cause I was laughing my ass off when I first saw it not too long ago
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