Thursday, July 28, 2005


Clones Clones, Everywhere I Look Clones!

I saw The Island tonight and enjoyed it fully. But lets be honest, any movie that has more than one Ewan McGregor, several kick ass car chases and a super hot pair of Puma's will always be great in my book. In a lot of ways this film presents a whole new take on the stem cell research issue. The film takes us from uber styled surreal environments to classic Michael Bay action scene assaults. I can see why this movie is tanking at the box office, its probably not for everyone. But I approve.

# of times Ewan McGregor made me go "mmmmm": 43
Hot Actor Factor: (1-10 scale) 10
# of times the phrase "There is no island!" was shouted: 4 (excluding my moment in the ladies bathroom)
Bathroom visits: 1 (during car chase 2)
Costar Chemistry: (1-10 scale) 10
Cry Meter: 1.5
# of Post Screening Phone Calls: 2
Cost of white Velcro Puma's as the films featured footwear: priceless
Overall: B

I've been a little turned off by the idea of this film (the Tron/Logan's run of it all), but your review (and Ewan) might just get me in the theatre afterall.
I could say the same thing for Scarlett Johansson. Mmmmmm...

I thought the movie was great fun. Michael Bay knows how to direct a chase scene, I can tell you that much. And if you like Ewan, you'll probably love The Island.

Here's my review. I gave it a B+.
i didn't like this film that much. just an endless series of scenes w/ stuff blowing up (you might ask me-what did you expect, it's michael bay?). i was hoping it was going to maintain the thx 1138 style beginning...i kind of think bay is a bit stunted emotionally as he seems like he's directing films as if he were 13 years old. i am a fan of both ewan and scarlett (and buscemi) but even they couldn't save this from bay's fetish for blowing up or shooting anything and everything that moves.
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