Monday, July 04, 2005


Batman Begins

Xtine saw Batman Begins this weekend.

...And so should you

Batman Begins:

For me this tale of the dark knight makes all the other Batmans seem like goofy cartoons. This is far and away the best Batman ever (cheers Christian Bale).

Cry Meter: 9
Hot Actor Factor: 10
Bathroom Visits: 1
# of Miscast Overexposed Female Costars: 1 (but bearable)
# of Post Screening Phone Calls: 6
Overall: 10
Christian Bale status: A (but if there is another Batman he'll be an Icon soon enough)

what i found particularly exciting about Bale in Batman was that he isn't an icon, or even a household name, and during the press for the film he didn't try and become one (he didn't even do a Vanity Fair cover, which is his right as a Superhero). He simply stayed quiet and let the movie speak for itself.

I think the Batman franchise needed to move away from stars and back to story, which it did. this was a home-run in every way shape and form. (Even Culty Katie couldn't ruin it.)
I loved this movie. With all the hype and my love and support of Tim Burton(which could be fading with Sleepy Hollow and Willy Wonka), I wasn't sure I would like it but it was surprisingly good. Maybe the best comic book movie ever.

P.S. Love the Xtine rating system..
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